Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with the Sermons Anywhere app?

The Sermons Anywhere app is designed to connect you to your church. When you first log in you are prompted to find your church by entering its zip code. Once you've signed up and selected your church you will be taken to the main section of the Sermons Anywhere app.

From the app you can

  • Add content, credits or subscriptions to your account
  • See messages from pastors
  • See church calendar events
  • Get inbox messages from your church
  • Watch/listen to church livestream events
  • Watch/listen to church podcasts
  • Listen to sermons
  • Listen to church choir music
  • Add content to your account
  • Donate to your church

What are Codes?

Codes are one time unique redeemable identifiers. They tell Sermons Anywhere that you've purchased new content from your church, and that it should be added to your account. Codes are represented by a two dimensional (QR) scannable image, as well as an alpha numeric string. Think of a bar code on a pack of chewing gum. The barcode and the numbers below it both represent the same thing.

How do I get new content?

Depending on your church, you can purchase new content ala carte or by a subscription service. You may also be able to purchase credit packs. Church content is either classified as a Sermon or Music. If you purchase a Sermons subscription or Sermons credits, you can only redeem the code for Sermons, and vice versa for choir music.

How can I redeem a code?

From the Sermons Anywhere website

Log in to your account. Go to Redeem Code and type in your code. Redeemed content appears in your app. You can also scan a QR code with a standard barcode scanner to be directed to the Sermons Anywhere website. Log in to automatically complete the process.

Android Users

Android users can also redeem codes from within the Sermons Anywhere app by tapping on the Add Content link in the left navigation drawer. Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of the app to open the left navigation drawer.

Once you're in the Add Content page of the app, you can either tap the camera icon to scan a QR code, or you can manually enter the code and click Submit Coupon.

What is a "Latest Sermon" card?

The great thing about a church is that it's a living and vibrant community. Things constantly change and the pastor is always giving sermons. If you want to get the latest sermon (or choir music for that matter) you can purchase a latest sermon card.

The card corresponds to the most recently uploaded sermon/music. Once you redeem the code, the latest sermon is added to your library. The content is linked at the time of redemption and not at the time of purchase. If you purchase a card in December, but redeem it in February, you'll get the latest sermon in February, not December.

What are Content Cards?

Content cards contain a unique code that is linked to specific content. It's how you redeem your purchases for content on the Sermons Anywhere app. If you purchased a sermon or choir music and received a content card, you'll need to redeem it before the music or sermon is added to your library. This is also how you can purchase credit packs or subscriptions.

If you don't already have the Sermons Anywhere app installed, you can scan the QR (2D bar code) to download it.

What are Credit Packs?

Credit packs contain multiple credits that can be redeemed for sermons or choir music. Credits can only be applied to one type of content, i.e. sermons credits cannot be applied to music and vice versa. The number of credits in a credit pack varies from church to church. Your church may offer several different types of credit packs. Credit packs are added to your account by redeeming a credit pack code; see Redeeming a Code above for more details.

I bought a Credit Pack, now what?

Your remaining credits, for sermons and for music, appear in the navigation drawer of the Sermons Anywhere app. You can redeem a credit for content by clicking on the Add Content section of the navigation drawer. The app will prompt you to either enter a new code, or redeem a credit. A list of available content appears for you to choose from.

What is the Queue?

The Queue is a way for you to organize the sermons or music that you are listening to. Items get added to the queue whenever you play them. You can add whole sets to the queue, or just individual tracks. You can also replace the queue with single tracks or whole sets. This gives you direct control over the order of tracks that will play.